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Chiribaya Shepherd

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General Breed Information

The Chiribaya Shepherd is an ancient dog breed that originated in Peru. Dogs of this breed were used by the Chiribaya people, who were farmers living near the fertile Osmore River valley just a few hundred kilometers southeast of Lima. The Chiribaya farmers lived from 900 AD to 1350 AD, before the establishment of the Inca Empire in Peru. Chiribaya Shepherds are known for their excellent herding abilities. In fact, the Chiribaya people honored these dogs by building pet cemeteries for them and burying them with blankets and even food that the dogs were supposed to enjoy in the afterlife. Since 1993, 82 dog tombs have been found by researchers in cemetery plots. Some researchers believe that there are still some specimens of the Chiribaya Shepherd that are alive until now, although they are rare.

The Chiribaya Shepherd is said to have a medium-sized snout. Dogs of this breed have paws similar to that of a hare, and their hair is long. The coat of these dogs is generally beige in colour. These dogs have a bristling tail, and their ears neither lay flat or stand up. Chiribaya Shepherds are also thought to be similar in appearance to small Golden Retrievers.

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