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Origin / History The Chippiparai is known as the "Greyhound of the South". It originated in southern India and there are some theories stating that this breed is a descendant of the Saluki, which is another sight hound. Today, dogs of this breed are found in the area surrounding Periyar Lake. The Chippiparai is used for hunting deer, hare, and wild boar. These dogs have also been used to kill pigs that destroy the crops of farmers. Aside from being an excellent hunting dog, the Chippiparai is also great when it comes to guarding the home.

This breed is very rare and Chippiparai dogs can be very difficult to find. These dogs can be found only in isolated villages such as Vandi Periyar. Due to the small number of Chippiparai dogs nowadays, they are in danger of becoming extinct. With some attention and proliferation of breeding programs, though, these dogs can be revived. Steps should be taken soon to ensure the survival of this breed. This breed has not been granted recognition by any major kennel club.

Appearance The Chippiparai is a medium-sized dog with a very tucked up belly and a very deep chest. Dogs of this breed have a very short coat that is shiny when well-groomed. Their coat allows them to survive in places with very hot climates. Their coat also gives them protection against fleas and ticks. These dogs have a domed head that is long and fine. They have semi-erect, small ears, and dark eyes that are very alert. The legs of these dogs are long, bony, and straight. Their slim jaws, although weak-looking, are actually powerful and strong. The tail of these dogs is bony and is carried below the body. The overall appearance of these dogs is similar to that of the Rampur Hound or the Sloughi.

Colours Like other traditional greyhounds, Chippiparai dogs have a coat that is silver-grey in colour. These dogs can also have some white markings.

Temperament These dogs are very speedy and can even overtake a hare easily. Their speed and agility make them excellent hunting dogs. Dogs of this breed are meant for hunting, and they are considered as a one-man dog. It's not advisable for these dogs to be kept as family companions or pets. They also dislike being petted, fed, or handled by anyone aside from their owner.

Height and Weight Dogs of this breed have a height that ranges from 27 to 32 inches. There are no official documents recording the weight of this breed, but these dogs look like they weigh around 25 to 30 kilograms.

Common Health Problems The Chippiparai is considered to be a very healthy and hardy breed. Ailments and other health problems affecting dogs of this breed are also those common to other types of dogs.

Living Conditions It's not advisable for these dogs to be kept inside apartments. They need a large space where they can run around and do some physical activities. These dogs are not meant to be family pets and are best suited for farmers or hunters who can provide these dogs with a job to do.

Exercise Requirements These dogs require a great deal of exercise. It's important for them to be given the chance to run around and play. Despite that, though, they should still be taken for long walks daily. This is because Chippiparai dogs, like other breeds, have the primal instinct to walk.

Training Requirements The Chippiparai works as an excellent guard and can be trained well. Owners of these dogs should know how to display strong leadership skills and should train these dogs using firm, consistent methods.

Life Expectancy Not much is known about the life span of these dogs, but it is said that dogs of this breed can live for more than nine years.

Grooming These dogs do not shed much because they only have a short coat. They are easy to groom and their coat doesn't require much attention. They should just be brushed on an occasional basis. Bathing these dogs should be done only when necessary because frequent bathing can strip natural oils off their coat.

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