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Chinese Chongqing Dog

Chinese Chongqing
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Origin / History A very ancient breed, the Chinese Chongqing Dog is said to have existed since the time of China's Han Dynasty. Dogs of this breed originated in Chongqing, which is a place located on southwestern China. Originally, these dogs were used for hunting rabbits, wild boar, and other types of game. However today,  these dogs are used more for protecting families and their belongings. Chinese Chongqing Dogs can be likened to a Boxer-Mastiff mix, but with a different coat, colour, and tail.

In 1949, the People's Republic of China was established, and it was during this time that these dogs decreased in number and almost became extinct. There were specimens left with rural people and peasants, which is why dogs of this breed are still existing until today. They are, however, very rare, and few people are familiar with this breed even in China.

Appearance Chinese Chongqing Dogs are medium-sized dogs with well-muscled, stout limbs, and a compact body. These dogs have triangular ears that stand erect on top of their head. Their teeth meet in a scissors bite and can be slightly undershot, although the teeth shouldn't be seen when the dog's mouth is closed in a natural way. Male dogs of this breed should look distinctly more muscular than females. Males are supposed to be more well-defined and burly, while females are more streamlined. The coat of these dogs is thin, short, and harsh to the touch.

Colours The acceptable coat colours for this breed are brown and dark brown. It's alright, though, for these dogs to have a small white patch on their chest.

Temperament Dogs of this breed are calm, dignified, courageous, alert, confident, and intelligent. They are not friendly with strangers, but they are very affectionate with their family. These dogs make good watchdogs. These dogs aren't to be trusted with non-canine pets, although they can get along well with animals that they have been raised with. This is because animals such as cats, ducks, geese, and chickens can be introduced to the dog as belonging to the master, which the dog has to protect. These dogs can get along well with children.

Height and Weight Male dogs of this breed have a height of 16 to 19.5 inches, and a weight of 44 to 54 pounds. Females, on the other hand, are 14 to 16 inches high, and weigh between 33 and 44 pounds.

Common Health Problems These dogs are generally healthy and have no known serious health problems. They do, however, have a very thin coat that makes them prone to getting afflicted with skin problems. To prevent skin problems, owners should feed their dogs with a human grade diet.

Living Conditions It isn't ideal for these dogs to be kept inside apartments, although they will do well indoors as long as they get enough exercise. These dogs will do better with at least a large yard where they can run around and play.

Exercise Requirements Chinese Chongqing Dogs need a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day. These dogs are great as hiking or jogging companions. They should, however, still be taken out for long, brisk walks daily. Male dogs of this breed need more exercise than females. Due to these dogs being natural hunters, they shouldn't be allowed to roam around without company.

Training Requirements These dogs need owners who know how to display strong leadership skills. Chinese Chongqing Dogs are natural hunters, so it's important for owners to socialize these dogs at an early age to prevent them from developing behavior problems.

Life Expectancy Despite their health concerns, these dogs can live for approximately 18 years.

Grooming Dogs of this breed do not require much grooming, although they should be bathed when necessary.

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