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Carlin Pinscher

Carlin Pinscher
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Origin / History The Carlin Pinscher is a breed developed by crossing the Pug and the Miniature Pinscher. Originally, dogs of this breed were called Pug-Pins. It was renamed as "Carlin" because several countries use the word "Carlin" to refer to the Pug. The breed Carlin Pinscher came into existence in 1998 as a result of an idea coming from Katushka Vitrichenk, Kawika Buenafe, and Isabeau Morgan.

Once, when Morgan and Buenafe went on vacation, they left their dog, a champion Miniature Pinscher, at the home of someone with who owned a black Pug. When they returned from their vacation, they had discovered that their dog had accidentally bred with the black Pug. Their dog gave birth to three puppies, one of which they gave to Grant Milionta. Milionta named his dog "Snooz", and many people came to admire the dog and wanted one just like it. Milionta then did some planning and research to create a breed that was based on Snooz. Buenafe, Vitrichenk, and Morgan helped Milionta breed the Carlin Pinscher for selected traits.  

The Carlin Pinscher is still a developing breed because according to the American Canine Hybrid Club, crossing the Miniature Pinscher with a Pug will yield a Muggin and not a Carlin Pinscher. The breeders of Carlin Pinschers are attempting to create a purebreed dog, while the Muggin is a hybrid.

Appearance Even though the Carlin Pinscher is a breed that is still undergoing development, dogs of this breed are similar in appearance. These dogs have short bodies and thick, stout legs. Their coat has short hairs and is similar to that of the Miniature Pinscher's.

Colours Breeders are attempting to create dogs of this breed that have coats featuring only black and tan colours.

Temperament Carlin Pinschers are even-tempered dogs. These dogs are playful and outgoing. Charming and loving, these dogs make great household pets. They can get along well with children they are raised with. When trained and socialized properly, Carlin Pinschers grow up to be gentle, respectful dogs.

Height and Weight Dogs of this breed have a height that runs from 11 to 13 inches, and a weight that falls between 12 and 14 pounds.

Common Health Problems Carlin Pinschers have no known genetic health problems and are considered to be healthy, hardy dogs.

Living Conditions These dogs can be kept inside apartments because they are fairly active even when indoors. They are, however, sensitive to cold climates and should be given adequate protection from harsh weather. When allowed to play outside, owners must make sure that the yard has a high fence that will prevent these dogs from escaping.

Exercise Requirements Although these dogs do not require much exercise, they should still be taken out for long walks daily to satisfy their primal instinct to walk. It's also important for these dogs to be given the chance to run around and play on a regular basis.

Training Requirements Owners of Carlin Pinschers should know how to display strong leadership skills. It's important for owners to be firm pack leaders so that their dogs won't develop behavior problems. Carlin Pinschers should also undergo obedience training at an early age. When not trained properly, these dogs can display aggressive behaviors such as snapping. Owners should make sure that they provide their dogs with firm and consistent training.

Life Expectancy Carlin Pinschers usually live for 15 years or more.

Grooming The smooth, short-haired coat of the Carlin Pinscher is easy to groom. These dogs just need to be combed and brushed using a firm bristle brush. Brushing should be done more frequently during the shedding season. Bathing these dogs should be done only when necessary. Their stray hairs can be removed using a warm, damp washcloth.

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