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Blue Lacy

Blue Lacy
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Origin / History The Lacy brothers, Frank, Edwin, Harry and George Lacy, developed the Blue Lacy in Burnet County, Texas. The brothers developed the Blue Lacy using coyotes, scenthounds and Greyhounds. On March 15, 2005, Representative Joaquin Castro proposed House Concurrent Resolution No. 108 during the 79th Legislature of the State of Texas. The resolution proposed that the Blue Lacy be named as the state dog of Texas.

The legislation was proposed so that the original breeders of the Blue Lacy would be recognised and the breed would be honoured as a Texas original. On May 15, 2005, the Texas House of Representatives adopted House Concurrent Resolution No. 108, and on May 25, 2005, the Senate adopted it as well. On June 18, 2008, Governor Ricky Perry signed the legislation pronouncing the Blue Lacy as the official state dog breed of Texas. This breed has also garnered recognition from the National Kennel Club.

Appearance The Blue Lacy are built for agility, speed, and endurance. Dogs of this breed should always appear strong and balanced. Although lightly built, their height is proportional to their weight. The eyes of the Blue Lacy are very bright and are yellow or orange in colour. The coat of these dogs is smooth, short and tight.

Colours These dogs are called Blue Lacys because they have the distinctive blue colour gene. There are, however, three acceptable colour varieties. The coat of these dogs can come in blues, which are shades of gray from dark charcoal to light silver. They can also come in reds, which range from rust to light cream. Then there are tricoloured Blue Lacys, which have a blue base but sport red markings. Red dogs of this breed should not have blue shadings or trims. The colour white must appear on their brisket and can stretch from their chin to their groin. One or more of these dogs' paws should also have a white marking. 

Temperament Blue Lacys are intense, alert, active and intelligent dogs. They were bred to be herding and hunting dogs, which is why they show much determination and drive to work. It's best for these dogs to be given a job to do. These dogs can control difficult livestock and stop big game. Aside from being great workers, these dogs also make excellent pets because they are loyal to their family and protective of their loved ones.

Height and Weight The height of these dogs should fall between 18 and 21 inches. Depending on their height and working condition, male dogs of this breed should be 35 to 50 pounds and females should be 30 to 45 pounds

Common Health Problems These dogs are very healthy, but some do get afflicted with health problems. Common health issues affecting Blue Lacys include food allergies and skin problems. Color dilution alopecia may also affect Lacys, although this condition is very rare.

Living Conditions Blue Lacys love being outdoors, but they can be kept inside apartments as well just as long as they are given enough exercise.

Exercise Requirements These dogs should be taken out for long walks daily. They need much attention and exercise. When these dogs don't get adequate exercise, they may get bored or hyper.

Training Requirements Being highly intelligent dogs, Blue Lacys are easy to train, and they learn new skills quickly. When working with these dogs, owners must use soft or stern commands. These dogs do not respond well to yelling.

Life Expectancy The life span of these dogs is approximately 16 years.

Grooming The short coat of the Blue Lacy makes it easy to groom and care for. Owners just need to brush the coat of their dogs occasionally to get rid of loose and dead hairs.

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