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Belgian Mastiff

Belgian Mastiff
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Origin / History The Belgian Kennel Club states that the original Belgian Mastiff breed may be extinct. In fact, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) placed the breed on the suspended list. There is, however, a work group in Belgium that is intent on recreating the breed, relying on the breed's standard to do so. A breeder in Belgium has succeeded in recreating the breed and the "master" dog has been named "Bacon". Bacon has already been to some dog shows and have received great ratings. When the new Belgian Mastiff has passed through all the various committees, it will go into a 10-year "stage" period with the FCI.

The Belgian Mastiff was used for various purposes such as tracking, search and rescue, guarding and cart pulling. As automobiles became widely used, though, the Belgian Mastiff was no longer used for cart pulling. It is said that this breed actually originated in France, a theory that stemmed from the observance that the Belgian Mastiff resembles French hounds. Although this breed is known to be extinct, some individuals argue that there are still specimens of Belgian Mastiffs that exist today.

Appearance These dogs have large heads that aren't broad, and eyes that are deeply set and are brown or black in colour. They have medium length ears that are set at level with their eyes. Their muzzle is well-tapered and wide, and their nose is usually black or self-coloured according to the colour of their coat. The teeth of these dogs meet in a scissors or level bite. Their neck is strongly muscled and thick, while their chest is broad and deep. Their ribs are well-sprung and they have a powerful back. These dogs have forelegs that appear straight and are set well apart, while their hind legse are well-muscled and parallel, with hocks that are let well down. Belgian Mastiffs have compact and strong feet that have hard pads and arched toes. The coat of these dogs is loose-fitting, short, and smooth.

Colours Acceptable coat colours for this breed include fawn and brindle. These dogs may have a dark mask or sport infrequent markings that are white in colour.

Temperament Dogs of this breed are known to be hardworking. Although these dogs can be vicious with strangers, they are very loving and loyal to their family. They are also protective of their family members and they get along well with children in their family. Calm and obedient, these dogs make great family companions, although they need to be given some work to do so that they can make use of their strong drive and energy.

Height and Weight The height of Belgian Mastiffs range from 27 to 32 inches, while their weight falls between 100 and 110 pounds.

Common Health Problems Belgian Mastiffs are fairly healthy dogs and have no known genetic health concerns. Health issues affecting these dogs are those that are common to other types of dogs as well.

Living Conditions Belgian Mastiffs are supposed to live in an environment where they can get much exercise. It would be good for these dogs to have a yard where they can do some physical activities

Exercise Requirements Owners should take these dogs out for long walks daily. It's also important for these dogs to be given a job to do. Owners should also take the time to play with these dogs in case they can't give their Belgian Mastiffs some work to do.

Training Requirements Being obedient dogs, Belgian Mastiffs respond well to training. Harsh training methods are not supposed to be used for these dogs.

Life Expectancy The Belgian Mastiff has a life span of approximately 10 to 14 years.

Grooming These dogs are easy to groom and care for. Their coat just needs occasional brushing.

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