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Austrian Black and Tan Hound

Austrian Black and Tan Hound
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Austrian Black and Tan Hound Rescue Center Visit the Austrian Black and Tan Hound rescue centers if your looking to rescue a Austrian Black and Tan Hound, as well as learn more about the breed or just support the rescue centers for there hard work.


Origin / History The Austrian Black and Tan Hound was developed in Austria. These hounds are of the same general type as the German hounds, and they are even similar in appearance. Austrian Black and Tan Hounds are great trackers and hunters of game, which are mostly hare found in high altitudes in the mountains of Austria. This breed is a direct descendant of the Keltenbracke, which is an old Celtic hound. Like many other old dog breeds, the Austrian Black and Tan Hound has no clear authentic history, although its existence has been traced back to the middle of the 19th century.

Dogs of this breed are said to be closely related to the Belgian St. Hubert and the Jura Hounds found in Switzerland. In Austria, the Austrian Black and Tan Hound is known as the Brandlbracke, meaning fire. This breed gained recognition as a distinct type in 1884. These dogs live with hunters who use them for their trailing and scenting ability. Although these dogs are getting to be more popular in Austria, it's rarely seen outside its homeland.

Appearance These dogs are medium-sized with a long and supple body. They have a broad skull and a strong and straight muzzle. Their nose is black and their eyes are clear and dark brown. These dogs have medium-length ears that are set high and lay flatly on their head. They have strong teeth that meet in a scissor bite. The back of these dogs is long, while their chest is broad and deep. Austrian Black and Tan Hounds have well-developed forequarters and long, well-angulated hindquarters. These dogs have a long tail that tapers gradually and has coarse hair on the underside. They have a short, dense, and smooth coat. 

Colours The coat colours of this breed are considered very important. These dogs should be black with small, clearly defined fawn markings. There must be two fawn marks right above the eyes.

Temperament These dogs are agreeable, affectionate, intelligent, and are very lovable. They can be friendly and they get along well with children. These dogs are not dominant and can get along well with other animals if socialized with them at an early age. Being scenthounds, though, these dogs may have the tendency to chase small animals. Even in tough conditions, these dogs are hardworking, and they can adapt well to various climates.

Height and Weight Austrian Black and Tan Hounds are 19 to 22 inches high, and weigh approximately 44 pounds.

Common Health Problems These dogs are fairly healthy and have no known genetic health issues. When these dogs get sick, their ailments are those that are common to all kinds of dog breeds.

Living Conditions Dogs of this breed are not suitable for city life. They should also have a large space to roam around in, because they are not supposed to be kept inside apartments.

Exercise Requirements Having been bred for hunting, these dogs require regular exercise. Owners should take their Austrian Black and Tan Hounds out for long walks daily. It would also be good for these dogs to run around and play in a large, secure area.

Training Requirements Austrian Black and Tan Hounds are intelligent dogs, making them relatively easy to train. These dogs should be socialized at an early age. Owners should also take the time to play with these dogs and give them tasks if they're being kept as pets and not as hunters. Firm but gentle methods should be used when training these dogs.

Life Expectancy Dogs of this breed are expected to live for around 12 to 14 years.

Grooming The coat of these dogs should be brushed regularly. Bathing them should be done only when necessary.

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