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Australian Bulldog

Australian Bulldog
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Origin / History Originally known as the Aussie Bulldog, the Australian Bulldog is a breed developed in Australia. There were two selective breeding programs that made the creation of this breed possible; one run by Noel and Tina Green, and the other pioneered by Pip Nobes. The goal of the breeders was to create a breed that looks like a bulldog but also has a wonderful personality. Australian Bulldogs were developed by crossing various dog breeds, including the British Bulldog, Boxer, and Bullmastiff. 

Although this breed is not yet recognized by the Australian National Kennel Council, the general public recognizes this breed. Individuals who wish to purchase Australian Bulldogs should keep in mind that these dogs should come with a breed certificate from the United Aussie Bulldog Association.

Appearance Australian Bulldogs have compact, stout bodies that are strong and well-muscled. Female Australian Bulldogs generally have longer bodies than male dogs of this breed. Australian Bulldogs have a broad chest, and their brisket is well let down. The body coat of these dogs should be short and smooth, not thick or rough. The head of these dogs is square-shaped, and is wide and deep at the muzzle. These dogs have wide-set, large eyes, and between these is a pronounced stop. These dogs have a nose wrinkle. Dogs of this breed that are bred for the show ring should have large teeth and a near level bite.

Colours Dogs of this breed may come in different colours. They may come in shades of apricot, red, fawn, orange, mahogany, and white. They may also have a coat that is fawn brindle, red brindle, mahogany brindle, black brindle, or silver brindle. Aside from that, these dogs may have pied colouring, which means that one colour is more dominant than the other, with a series of patches on their coat.

Temperament Australian Bulldogs are intelligent dogs with an excellent disposition, making them easy to train. These dogs get along well with children and are loyal to their owners. They make good watchdogs, quick to alert their owners when there are intruders. Despite that, though, Australian Bulldogs are not meant to be guard dogs, although their appearance can deter individuals. These dogs are fun loving, and they will work to gain the affection and attention of their owners.

Height and Weight Male Australian Bulldogs have a height that ranges from 18 to 20 inches and have a weight that falls between 60 to 78 pounds. Female Australian Bulldogs are 17 to 19 inches high and weigh 50 to 61 pounds.

Common Health Problems Dogs of this breed are considered generally healthy. Breeders have done their best to eliminate health problems commonly affecting bulldogs.

Living Conditions It's not advisable for Australian Bulldogs to be kept inside apartments, although they shouldn't be left outside all day either. These dogs should be kept in areas that have a temperate climate because they easily get chilly in cold weather and find it hard to cool off when it's very hot.

Exercise Requirements Australian Bulldogs need to get exercise everyday. Owners should take these dogs out for long walks daily. It would also be good for these dogs to go swimming during summer, and to bask in the sun during winter.

Training Requirements These dogs are intelligent, making them relatively easy to train. These dogs should be trained for obedience because they can be boisterous if not trained properly. These dogs must also be socialized at an early age.

Life Expectancy The life span of Australian Bulldogs is 10 to 12 years.

Grooming The coat of these dogs is easy to groom. Owners just need to brush it with a firm bristle brush. The face of the Australian Bulldog should be wiped with a damp cloth once a day to clean the wrinkles.

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