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Origin / History Armants are herding dogs that originated from Egypt. Originally, dogs of this breed were used as guard dogs. Not much is known about this breed, although there are theories stating that these dogs are descendants of European dogs that were introduced by the troops of Napoleon. Those dogs were then crossed with Briards, forming Armant dogs. There are also speculations that the Armant was used in the breeding of the Bearded Collie. Modern Armants are said to have originated from Holland and France. This breed is still being used in Egypt, though, and these dogs are still used as herding and guard dogs.

This breed was named after Armant, a town in Egypt. This dog is also known as the Ermenti, Egyptian Sheepdog, Hawara Dog, and Chien de Berger Egyptien. The Armant is recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale and the American Rare Breed Association. Kennel clubs that recognize the Armant include the American Kennel Club and the Continental Kennel Club.

Appearance Dogs of this breed have a broad head and a strong, medium-sized muzzle. Armants have a broad, deep, muscular chest, and well-sprung ribs. They have straight and strong forelegs, and their hind legs are powerful. Their coat is long, rough, and shaggy, which comes in different colours. The small eyes of these dogs are dark and round, and they have dropped or erect ears. Their nose is generally black, although there are those whose nose match the colour of their coat. These dogs have arched and thickly padded toes.

Colours Coat colours of the Armant include black, gray, black and tan, and grayish yellow.

Temperament Armants are pleasant working dogs that have a loyal and fearless temperament. Dogs of this breed are highly trainable, although they do need an owner with strong leadership skills. These dogs have a  happy disposition and are playful, obedient, and eager to please. When socialized properly, these dogs can get along well with other canines, as well as household pets such as cats. They can also play with children. As herders, these dogs are agile, quick, and have well-balanced movements. Armants also respond quickly to situations and are very perceptive, making them great watchdogs.

Height and Weight Armants have a height of 21 to 23 inches, and their weight ranges from 50 to 65 pounds.

Common Health Problems Dogs of this breed are relatively healthy. It is still best, however, for owners to have their dogs checked for health problems such as osteochondritis dissecans and hip dysplasia.

Living Conditions These dogs need an environment where they can get plenty of exercise. Owners should be able to provide these dogs with much attention. It would be okay for these dogs to live indoors just as long as they get much physical activity.

Exercise Requirements It's important for these dogs to get adequate exercise. Owners should take their dogs out for long walks or jogs daily. It would also be good for these dogs to run around and play.

Training Requirements These dogs are intelligent and eager to learn, making them highly trainable. Owners should train these dogs using gentle but firm methods. Armants also need to be socialized at an early age so that they will get along well with humans and other animals. Training should be consistent, but owners have to make it fun for their dogs. Owners should also be dominant so that these dogs will think of humans as being higher in rank than they are. Otherwise, these dogs will try to lead and dominate over the humans.

Life Expectancy The life span of these dogs is approximately 13 years.

Grooming The long, shaggy coat of the Armant requires regular brushing. These dogs must also be bathed regularly to keep them clean.

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