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Origin / History The Ariegeois is a French pack-hunting scenthound developed in the province of Ariege in 1912. This breed was developed through a series of matings between the Grand Gascon-Saintongeois, Grand Bleu de Gascogne, and local Briquet hounds.

As pack hunters, these dogs exhibit skill over different kinds of terrain. Dogs of this breed aren't popular outside their own region, probably because the locals often called them half-blood hounds because of the mixing of different breeds. The Gaston Phoebus Club, however, has promoted the Ariegeois through pack trials. This breed was recognized by the United Kennel Club in 1993.

Appearance The Ariegeois resembles the Grand Bleu de Gascogne, although Ariegeois hounds have a lighter frame and finer built. Ariegeois hounds are medium-sized, muscular dogs with a deep, wide chest. The head of the Ariegeois is long and narrow, and they have brown eyes and a black nose. These dogs have ample muscle and moderate bone. They also have a long neck and hare feet. Their tail is long and tapered, and they sport a short, fine coat. The skin matches their hair colour.

When used in the show ring, the Ariegeois is not supposed to be penalized for its scars. Cuts, notches, or nicks on the ears, or ears frayed at the edges due to working in tall grass should not be considered as faults because Ariegeois primarily work as hunting hounds. Scars of these dogs are considered results of honorable wounds.

Colours The coat of these dogs is predominantly white. These dogs may or may not have black patches. These dogs may be lightly mottled, although there are some dogs of this breed that are simply white and aren't mottled.

Temperament Dogs of this breed are even-tempered and friendly. Some of them can be outgoing, while there are others that are reserved. These dogs, however, are never vicious or shy. As a working or hunting scenthound, the Ariegeois needs to work with other hounds and their handlers. Due to this, aggression towards people and other hounds is considered a fault. These dogs have a deep, powerful voice and a large amount of endurance.

Height and Weight Male dogs of this breed have a height that ranges from 22 to 24 inches, while females are usually 20 to 22 inches. The weight of these dogs is approximately 63 to 70 pounds.

Common Health Problems There are no known genetic health issues associated with the Ariegeois. Ailments affecting dogs of this breed are those common to all types of dogs.

Living Conditions It's best for these dogs to live in a suburban or rural area. It would be good for these dogs to have a yard where they can roam around and get exercise.

Exercise Requirements Being very energetic dogs, owners must provide Ariegeois hounds with much activity when they aren't being used for hunting. These dogs should be taken on long walks daily, and owners should take the time to play with these dogs. When being taken for walks, these dogs should be leashed. Otherwise, they might smell something and go off tracking the scent.

Training Requirements These dogs are trainable and can learn easily. Owners must provide these dogs with consistent training. Owners should keep in mind, though, that these dogs are scenthounds and may easily get distracted by scents. It's best to train these dogs in a large, secure area.

Life Expectancy Not much is known about the life span of the Ariegeois.

Grooming These dogs need only very little grooming. Brushing these dogs occasionally will suffice to keep their coat in good condition. Bathing should be done only when necessary. It's not advisable for owners to bathe these dogs frequently because doing so will strip the natural oils off their coat.

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