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Photo with thanks to Claire Rodgers,


Weimaraner Breeders & Puppies For Sale If your a Weimaraner breeder and have Weimaraner puppies for sale, send us your details for free and we will add to our Weimaraner Breeders page.

Weimaraner Rescue Center Visit the Weimaraner rescue centers if your looking to rescue a Weimaraner, as well as learn more about the breed or just support the rescue centers for there hard work.

Group Gun Dogs (KC)

Origin / History Like other dog breeds, there are various theories as to how and where Weimaraners originated. There are some theories suggesting that the Weimaraner is just an ancient German pointing dog that has contracted albinism. The current standards for Weimaraners today were established only in the 1800s, although they are said to be already existing in the 1200s.

The Weimaraner's breed creation aimed to produce a reliable gundog that is noble-looking. The breed was also exclusive for the nobility. Despite the fact that Germany was very possessive of the Weimaraner breed, a pair was released to America in the 1950s. This move marked the start of the breed's popularity.

Appearance Weimaraners are moderately large dogs that are sleek and athletic looking. Their heads are long and look aristocratic. Their tails are usually docked to be one-third of its length right from the dog's birth. These dogs' tails are kept short throughout their whole life.

Colours The coat of Weimaraners are smooth, short, and come in varying shades of gray. Their coat can be silver gray, mouse gray, tan, or grayish beige. According to the breed standards of the American Kennel Club, a white marking in the chest area is allowed.

Temperament Weimaraners are happy, affectionate, loving, and rambunctious. They are powerful and fast dogs, but are good home companions and love to be near humans. However, Weimaraners are not sociable towards strangers. They are intelligent, but can be willful, highly opinionated, and territorial. They are also sensitive and they are good problem solvers, traits that earned them the moniker "dog with a human brain".

Height and Weight 56 - 68.5 cm in height and 32 - 39 Kg in weight. Males are larger than females and at the top end of the size ranges.

Common Health Problems Weimaraners are susceptible to bloating. They can also have hip dysplasia, tumors, and hypertropic osteodystrophy.

Living Conditions A Weimaraner needs to live indoors along with family members. It won't do at all to put it in a kennel. It should not be left alone for too long because doing so can make it restless and destructive.

Exercise Requirements Weimaraners have a lot of stamina and thus need plenty of exercise. However, they should not be taken for exercise right after they have eaten. They should be taken for daily walks or jogs. Weimaraners also appreciate it when their owners play with them.

Training Requirements Weimaraners must receive firm training right from the start. They learn quickly, but they resist repetitive training. Owners must be very patient with this dog breed and make them sociable at an early age. Since Weimaraners are highly energetic, they must be trained to sit, and to do this, an owner should offer rewards if the dogs do sit. Owners can opt to have their dog undergo professional training.

Life Expectancy A Weimaraner's life can last for as long as 10 to 12 years.

Grooming Weimaraners' mouth and feet need to be inspected for damage after exercise or work sessions. When grooming a Weimaraner, an owner must brush its coat using a firm bristle brush. Dry shampoo must be used and Weimaraners must only be bathed in mild soap when its absolutely necessary. Their nails must also be trimmed.

Famous Examples

CompleteDogsGuide Comment A popular breed for its looks alone. Best suited to owners who can provide it with plenty of exercise and daily activities.

Breeders Comments: Send us yours comments, advice for owners, potential owners etc.

Owners Comments: Send us any of your comments. Thanks in advance.

More Weimaraner Information: Check out our Weimaraner Clubs and links to more informative websites dedicated to the breed.

Submit your Weimaraner pictures Send us any pics of your Weimaraner, let us know there name and age and any other details. We'll add to this page. Contact us


Weimaraner Photos
Weimaraner Quba
Weimaraner Pagan
Weimaraner Pagan and Quba
"Pagan and Quba "



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