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Origin / History The Stabyhoun is a dog breed that originated in the northern province of Friesland, which is located in the Netherlands. It is believed that Stabyhouns have been existing even before the 1800s, and that they were descendants of dogs brought by Spanish conquistadors to the Netherlands. Being very versatile, Stabyhouns were used by poor farmers who can afford only one dog. Stabyhouns served as a guard dog, watch dog, and hunting dog. These dogs also work as excellent pointers and trackers.

For decades, the purpose and appearance of these dogs haven't changed, although they have been crossed with the Wetterhoun, another Friesian breed. When the breed standard for the Stabyhoun was established in 1942, the interbreeding of these two dogs was stopped. Today, the Stabyhoun is increasing in number and popularity among Dutch homeowners and sportsmen. Outside the Netherlands, however, these dogs remain to be fairly rare.

Appearance The Stabyhoun has a sturdy build, and it is longer than it is tall. The skin of these dogs fit their body closely, and they don't have any dewlap. The ears of these dogs are shaped like a mason's trowel. The hair on their ears is long at the top and becomes shorter at the last 1/3 of the ear. At the back of the hind legs and front legs of the Stabyhoun, the hair is bushy. They also have a bushy tail, while the hair on their legs and tail are quite short. The brisket of these dogs is wide, and they have relatively big, well-developed feet. The facial expression of these dogs should be intelligent and gentle.

Colours The acceptable coat colours for these dogs include brown, black, and orange. These dogs may sport white marking, and they can also have spots or roan patterns in white. It's not permissible for these dogs to be tricolour.

Temperament Stabyhouns are very friendly and gentle. These dogs aim to please their family members, and they actually love playing with kids. These dogs can also get along well with other pets in the family. Stabyhouns are often reserved when faced with strangers, but they will not be threatening or aggressive. Being highly intelligent, these dogs can do well with different kinds of training. When inside the house, these dogs are quiet and calm, but when outside, they are lively and playful. Although Stabyhouns can be stubborn, they can excel at nearly everything they do.

Height and Weight The height of these dogs ranges from 19 to 21 inches and their weight falls between 40 and 55 pounds.

Common Health Problems There are no genetic health problems specific to this breed. Through careful breeding, breeders have managed to get rid of the health problems that affected Stabyhouns before.

Living Conditions It's best for these dogs to be provided with a medium-sized or large yard where they can get the exercise they need. They are calm indoors if provided with sufficient exercise. They can also live in places with a cold climate as long as they are given adequate shelter.

Exercise Requirements These dogs love playing with children. They will also enjoy various activities such as frisbee and agility. Aside from being allowed to play, Stabyhouns should be taken out for a daily walk.

Training Requirements Their intelligence and eagerness to please make Stabyhouns fairly easy to train. They can be trained for obedience, agility, endurance, frisbee, and hunting.

Life Expectancy The average life span of these dogs is around 13 to 14 years.

Grooming Stabyhouns are easy to groom and care for because they are able to keep their body clean. Owners just need to brush the coat of these dogs regularly to get rid of tangles and loose, dead hairs.

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