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Sloughi French Champion

French Champion Uazzer Amjad d'Imi-N-Tanout, born 7/12/2003 (brindle)

Photo with thanks to Suze,

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Group Hounds (KC)

Origin / History The Sloughi is an ancient breed belonging to the sighthound family. Although often confused with the Saluki, a similar-looking breed, its origins date too far back to be completely known. Recent DNA tests show that it is of African origin, specifically the Northern Saharan region now occupied by Morocco, Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia. It is most likely a descendant of the ancient Egyptian Hound and related to the modern-day Pharaoh Hound, but the Azawakh of the sub-Sahara is its closest known relative.

The Sloughi was highly regarded by the Berber people for its excellent hunting ability. Known locally as the Sloughi Moghrebi (“Sighthound of the Moghreb”), it was considered a dog of the royals—only the kings and chieftains could own them, and breeders went great lengths to keep them pure. As such, it took centuries for the breed to spread outside its native country, and it was only in 1973 that the first Sloughi reached American shores.

Appearance The Sloughi is a tall, leggy breed with a graceful body and a serious, somewhat sad expression. Like the Saluki, it is distinctively lean, its muscles long and flat even when in top form. Its long legs allow it to reach great speeds in the field, although it’s not as dainty as the Saluki. The coat is short and sleek, and the ears are triangular, set rather high with a triangular fold.

Colours The coat can be any shade from light to rich red sand. A black mask and black ears are allowed, as well as a black mantle, overlay or brindle markings.

Temperament Sloughis are calm and sensitive, but quick and alert when necessary. They can get very attached to their families and will stay at one’s side for hours. Bred to be protective, they also make great guardian dogs and can be trusted around kids and other pets. However, this is a rather intelligent breed that can be willful to the point of stubbornness. Pups tend to be very curious about their new home; they’ll need a lot of attention in the first few weeks to help them adjust.

Height and Weight They are 61 - 71 cm in height and and should weigh between 20 and 27 Kg.

Common Health Problems The Sloughi is a genetically healthy breed with very few known risks. There is a very low incidence of progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), an inherited disease that leads to blindness, but breeders have mostly eliminated the strain. Some lines are prone to hemophilia, a bleeding disorder, and immune system deficiencies. As with other sighthounds, their lean bodies also make them unusually sensitive to anesthetics.

Living Conditions Sloughis are best suited to rural homes with large fenced yards. Although relatively calm indoors, they are born for the outdoors and should not be cooped up inside for very long. Apartment dwellers should make sure they have ample space to move and take them out daily. They usually prefer to sleep outdoors; cold, hard floors can make them uncomfortable.

Exercise Requirements Sloughis need lots of exercise and should be taken on long walks or jogs every day. Young Sloughis are particularly active; they can run tirelessly and make great jogging companions. However, these dogs are happiest when they can run free off the leash. As much as possible, they should be allowed to run outdoors in a large, well-fenced area. Not only will this keep them in top shape, it will also make them much calmer indoors.

Training Requirements Sloughis have very strong hunting instincts—they’ll go after every small quarry, even other household pets. This must be kept in check with strict training from an early age. They should also be socialized young, as they can be overprotective and be aggressive towards strangers. Calm, gentle training works best for this sensitive breed.

Life Expectancy Most Sloughis live an average of 10 to 15 years.

Grooming Sloughis are very easy to groom, as their short coat naturally repels dirt and mud. They also don’t have the “doggy” odor common to other hounds. They are average shedders; dead hairs must be removed with a rubber glove during shedding season. Bathe only when necessary.

Famous Examples

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Sloughi Photos
Sloughi Alliah, Sand Black Mask
Alliah Al Mahdi de la Cité du Guerrier, born 01/03/2005 (sand black mask)
Sloughi Azrou, Sand Black Mantle
International Champion Ben-Bahram Azrou, born 01/06/2005 (sand black mantle)
Photo with thanks to Suze,




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