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Greenland Dog

Greenland Dog Dog
A picture of "Grit" Seacourt Star Dust at Sledog. Photo with thanks Stuart

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Origin / History The Greenland Dog has been around for centuries now – in fact, there is proof that the Spitz-type dog accompanied the Sarqaq people to Greenland thousands of years ago. The origins of this dog may be found in the Arctic region's coastal areas, particularly in Alaska, Greenland, North Siberia, and Canada. There is also evidence in the Eskimo people's sundry artifacts which shows that the Greenland Dog was present even back in 7000 BC. With this archaeological proof, one can come to the conclusion that the Greenland Dog is one of the first breeds on earth.

As part of the Spitz breed, the Greenland Dog is known for its thick coat, curly tail, and prick ears. It possesses a powerful body that is built for rigorous activities like exploring, hunting, and traveling. The Greenland Dog is commonly used for dog-sledding, and its presence of thousands of years in the Arctic region has made this dog one of the strongest animals that can tolerate the most severe of environments.

Extinction was not a problem for this breed. It took many years, but it was eventually introduced to Britain in the mid-16th century. This dog is relatively rare in the present, but the Greenland Dog received recognition from the Kennel Club back in the year 1880.

Appearance Also called the Greenland Husky, the Greenland Dog has features which are similar to the Canadian Eskimo Sled Dog. The Greenland Dog has a thick double coat. Its inner coat is wooly and dense, while the outer one is thick and stand-off. Its entire body is covered with thick hair, but the Greenland Dog's leg fur is feathered and the curled tail is bushy. Like the rest of the Spitz breeds, the Greenland Dog has small, triangular ears that prick up above the wedge-shaped face and powerful jaws.

Colours The Greenland Dog's coat usually comes in a mixture of gray, white, and black, but some of these dogs are pure white.

Temperament The Greenland Dog is characterized by independence, and this breed makes and excellent working companion. It can be very loyal and obedient, and it can be especially affectionate to its owner. The Greenland Dog excels in hunts and expeditions, and this breed must always be engaged in an activity of vigor. Because of this dog's personality, it is then not ideal for the Greenland Dog to remain in the house. A sedentary lifestyle can make this dog very unhappy.

Height and Weight The Greenland Dog has an extremely solid build, and this dog can stand anywhere between 22 to 25 inches, and can weigh 66 to 70 pounds.

Common Health Problems The Greenland Dog is a very healthy creature, and it is not prone to chronic health ailments.

Living Conditions The Greenland Dog is certainly not suited for the apartment life. The dog will thrive in the outdoor setting, as it requires an vast space to explore. The Greenland Dog can endure cold temperatures, but it dislikes extreme heat.

Exercise Requirements The Greenland Dog is a working dog, and it is not meant to stay indoors. But if one has this type of dog for a pet, then one has to make sure that this dog gets daily exercise. It would also be much better if one has large yard where the Greenland Dog can be free to run around.

Training Requirements The Greenland Dog is an alpha dog, and this makes it quite difficult to train. One has to be extremely patient with this dog and it would be best if one starts training the Greenland Dog when it is still a puppy. The Greenland Dog has keen observation skills and wolf-like instincts, so once its owner gets this dog to respond to obedience training, then this dog is sure to be proctective and loyal. An owner must show the Greenland Dog who the boss is.

Life Expectancy This dog can live up to a maximum of 13 years.

Grooming The task of maintaining the coat of the Greenland Dog is simple, and one only has to do occasional brushing.

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Photo with thanks to Tove Robertsen,
Greenland Dog



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