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Glen of Imaal Terrier

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Glen of Imaal Terrier Breeders & Puppies For Sale If your a Glen of Imaal Terrier breeder and have Glen of Imaal Terrier puppies for sale, send us your details for free and we will add to our Glen of Imaal Terrier Breeders page.

Glen of Imaal Terrier Rescue Center Visit the Glen of Imaal Terrier rescue centers if your looking to rescue a Glen of Imaal Terrier, as well as learn more about the breed or just support the rescue centers for there hard work.

Group Terriers (KC)

Origin / History The Glen of Imaal Terrier may be a small creature, but it can definitely be a powerful and formidable opponent. There is proof that this breed has been around for many centuries, but in its native Ireland, the Glen of Imaal Terrier remained fairly unknown until early part of the 20th century.

Originating from County Wickow, Ireland's Glen of Imaal, this breed was first introduced to the public at a dog show in the year 1933. The stoic dog, along with other Irish terriers, are built for the hunt The physique of the Glen of Imaal Terrier is built close to the ground, and this particular aspect contributes to its prowess as a hunter. Badgers and foxes are the common targets of the Glen, and it can successfully enter a prey's den to attack. The Glen of Imaal can also get rid of vermin easily.

But aside from hunting, the Glen of Imaal Terrier can also serve as a guard dog, a herder, and a pet. The Glen of Imaal Terrier can even assist with turning spits for roasting meats by running on a make-shift treadmill. The Glen of Imaal Terrier is also the common candidate for dog fights, a form of entertainment.

Appearance A solidly-built dog, it possesses a very muscular physique covered with a shaggy coat. Its outer coat is rough and harsh, but the undercoat is soft and dense. The Glen of Imaal Terrier also has a strong and broad chest, a tapered muzzle, and a powerful head. Its ears can be described as half-pricked, and it also has a wide muzzle.

Colours The shaggy coat of the Glen of Imaal Terrier comes in a variety of colors – blue, wheat, brindle, or red. This breed's nose is color black, and its round eyes are chestnut.

Temperament The Glen of Imaal Terrier has a truly multi-faceted personality. When out hunting, this dog can be extremely tough, brave, and spirited, but in the family setting, the Glen of Imaal is the complete opposite. Docile, gentle, loving, and loyal, this dog makes for the ideal house pet. This highly intelligent dog gets along rather well with children, and it can be very playful with its owner. But once the Glen of Imaal comes across a stranger, it can become very aggressive and domineering.

Height and Weight The Glen of Imaal Terrier is a short and sturdy animal and it can reach the height of 14 inches, and the weight of 34 to 36 pounds.

Common Health Problems Although this dog is generally a healthy one, an owner of a Glen of Imaal Terrier should be on the look-out for skin allergies, hip dysplasia, and progressive retinal atrophy.

Living Conditions The Glen of Imaal Terrier is a flexible dog, and it can do well in the environment of an apartment. This dog may or may not require an open space. For sleeping, the Glen of Imaal Terrier can stay indoors, but It is also capable of sleeping outdoors, but only if the weather is not severe.

Exercise Requirements The exercise regimen of a Glen of Imaal Terrier includes a daily walk.

Training Requirements This dog can easily adapt to its owner. The Glen of Imaal Terrier is quick to learn, but it can also be stubborn at times. The Glen is an energetic dog, and it will respond well to earth and agility activities. Formal obedience training can bore a Glen. The Glen also responds well to positive reinforcement.

Life Expectancy The average Glen of Imaal Terrier has a life expectancy of 13 to 14 years.

Grooming Despite its shaggy coat, the Glen of Imaal Terrier is not at all difficult to groom, but an owner does have the task of stripping this dog two times each year. The hair under the tail should be cut when necessary, and the hairs found in the ears of the Glen of Imaal Terrier should be regularly plucked. The hair found between its feet's pads must be removed as well.

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More Glen of Imaal Terrier Information: Check out our Glen of Imaal Terrier Clubs and links to more informative websites dedicated to the breed.

Submit your Glen of Imaal Terrier pictures Send us any pics of your Glen of Imaal Terrier, let us know there name and age and any other details. We'll add to this page. Contact us



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