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German Spitz Mittel

German Spitz Mittel Ollie
CCD Aus Champion Merrifox Snugazza Bug
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Group Utility Dogs (KC)

Origin / History The German Spitz Mittel is a direct descendant of the Nordic herding dogs such as the Lapphund and the Samoyed. The Spitz breeds were brought by the Vikings to Holland and Germany in the Middle Ages, and they were crossed with shepherd and herding breeds. The Spitz breeds eventually spread all over Europe, with the Mittel kind as one of the 5 varieties. It is the third largest in the group.

The Spitz's popularity arose in the 18th century, especially in British society. Queen Victoria favored this dog type, as the toy variant was imported from Germany to London, and this became known as the Pomeranian. A separate breed was created, but the standard Mittel, which was commonly found working in the farm or in the fields remained.

The Spitz population declined during the wars in Germany, but breeders from England attempted to reestablish the larger Spitz variety. The Kennel Club of Great Britain was behind this successful endeavor. It took a period of 6 months in 1985 to accomplish this feat, and the breed was made official.

Appearance The Mittel is one of the biggest Spitz breeds, and it is compact in size. Its tailed is curled over its back. Considered to be a dog of medium size, the Mittel has a broad skull, and a tapering wedge-shaped muzzle. The Mittels have dark, medium-sized, and oval-shaped eyes, and its ears are erect and triangular. The Mittel also possesses a short neck that is set into its shoulders. Its feet are round and small, while its front legs are straight and the back ones stand at an angle. Covering the Mittel is a coarse and long topcoat and a woolly and soft undercoat.

Colours The German Spitz Mittel comes in an assortment of colors. White, black, brown, cream, orange, gold, and sable are the most common, but one may also see that a Mittel can display a mixture of black and tan, brown and tan, and other combinations. The eyes of the Mittel are dark, but the nose pigment's color may vary.

Temperament The German Spitz Mittel is a very energetic dog, but it is also very alert and watchful. It's a very excitable dog, and it often craves for human attention. The Mittel has a tendency to be overprotective of its owner, and it can be very loud when it barks. An owner must train this dog so that it will not be so difficult when it grows older.

Height and Weight It stands between the range of 30 to 38 centimeters. It weighs in from 7 to 11 kilograms, and the male Mittel is generally bigger than the female one.

Common Health Problems A generally healthy dog, the German Spitz Mittel is not prone to specific ailments. But as a small dog, its owner should watch out for Patella Luxation.

Living Conditions Families may keep this type of dog as a pet, and it can reside in an apartment setting. It does well indoors, but having a small yard can be beneficial to the Mittel as well.

Exercise Requirements The Mittel's exercise requirement consists of a daily jog or walk. It can also be the perfect company for people who like to take walks. The Mittel can easily adapt to its owner's routine.

Training Requirements Training the German Spitz Mittel might be difficult so an owner must take command at an early age. This Spitz type can be very hyper and aggressive, so one should temper these moods. A high-protein diet must be avoided.

Life Expectancy The Germant Spitz Mittel has a life expectancy of 15 years.

Grooming Brush the “wrong way” when grooming the Mittel's coat. Mittels can be frisky when grooming, so an owner must anticipate this situation. Regular grooming is ideal.

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German Spitz Mittel Photos
German Spitz Mittel Meg
Aus Champ Atetak Feelin Foxy CD
German Spitz Mittel Meg
Aus Champ Atetak Feelin Foxy CD




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