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Finnish Lapphund

Finnish Lapphund Dog
Undis aged 3 years old.Female, Colour: - Wolf Sable. Photos with thanks Ken Matheson, Thistleglen Finnish Lapphunds,

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Group Pastoral Dogs (KC)

Origin / History Finnish Lapphunds originated as reindeer herders for the Sami people, which were indigenous people in Nordic countries such as Russia, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. People in Sweden and Norway were the first to consider setting standards for dogs of Lapland, which was done before the second World War. After the war, these dogs were in danger of extinction because of distemper outbreak. Standards for the Swedish Lapphund were adopted by the Federation Cynologique Internationale in 1944, and afterwards, the standards for the Finnish Lapphund were set.

It was in 1945 that the Finnish Kennel Club set the standards for this breed, which they named as the Lappish Herder (also called Kukonharjunlainen). Theories state that these dogs resulted from crossing Karelian Bear Dogs with reindeer dogs. During the 1950s, the first breed standard for Lapponian Herders was created by the Finnish Kennel Association. The 1960s brought about the unification of different Finnish kennel associations, and during 1966, dog breeds underwent reassessment. Thus, the breeds were formally defined, with the Lapponian Herder standards set again in 1966, and the Finnish Lapphund was then given definition in 1967.

Appearance These dogs are medium-sized dogs with strong physiques. Female dogs, however, are smaller than male ones. These dogs have double coats that consist of coarse, long topcoats and fluffy, short undercoats. Their hairs are thicker on their necks and head, giving them the appearance of having manes. They also sport pricked ears.

Colours Dogs of this breed can come in various colors, however, there should be one dominant color in their coats. Acceptable colors are white, red, black, sable, wolf-sable, and brown. These dogs can also sport markings on their faces.

Temperament These dogs are intelligent, which makes training easier for their owners. These dogs can also be good watchdogs since they are alert and tend to bark when faced with unfamiliar characters. Although they can be problem barkers, this can be avoided through proper training. These dogs are affectionate with their family and wary of strangers. Since they are good with children and respond well to the elderly and the disabled, these dogs are sometimes used as therapy dogs. Aside from that, they make great family companions and they can also get along well with other household pets.

Height and Weight They are 41 - 51 cm in height and 18 - 23 Kg in weight.

Common Health Problems Like many other dogs, Finnish Lapphunds have their share of major health problems. Some of these dogs may have genetic predispositions to getting afflicted with progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia.

Living Conditions These dogs can live inside apartments, although it would be best if they are provided with a yard where they can get their exercise. They prefer cool climates, so owners must make sure that they are kept warm throughout the hot season.

Exercise Requirements Since these dogs have high activity levels, it would be best if they are always given jobs to do. Owners should take their dogs out on walks daily. These dogs would also love doing activities such as agility trials and flyball.

Training Requirements These dogs must be trained for obedience while they are still young. Since they become bored easily, training sessions must be short and the activities must have some variation. Owners must make sure that they are consistent, fair, and firm when training their dogs. Proper socialization at an early age is also needed in order for the dogs to become well-mannered when they grow up.

Life Expectancy These dogs lead lives that last for around 10 to 14 years.

Grooming Dogs of this breed are easy to groom. Owners just need to comb and brush their dogs' coats at least once a week, although more attention should be given to grooming these dogs' coats when they are shedding. Bathing the dogs must be done only when necessary.

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Finnish Lapphund Puppy Finnish Lapphund
Finnish Lapphund 13 weeks old
Bonnie 13 weeks, colour wolf sable
Finnish Lapphund
Jim at 1 years old, a male, dark brown and white in colour.
Finnish Lapphund 6 months old
Bracken at 6 months
Finnish Lapphund 1year old
Bracken 1 year, light brown and white colour.
Photos with thanks to Ken Matheson, Thistleglen Finnish Lapphunds,



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