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English Setter

English setter
Bonnie - Bondgate Careless Whisper, blue belton & tan coloured bitch born 2001 in UK out of highly qualifyed UK lines.
Photo with thanks to Sissi Sundberg, Gentlemen By Nature English Setters in Sweden,

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English Setter Rescue Center Visit the English Setter rescue centers if your looking to rescue a English Setter, as well as learn more about the breed or just support the rescue centers for there hard work.

Group Gundogs (KC)

Origin / History The English Setter is said to have originated in England and has been existing for over 400 years already. There are evidences that this breed is a result of mixing the Springer Spaniel, the Spanish Pointer, and the large Water Spaniel, the result of which is a great bird dog, the English Setter. Today's English Setter, though, is a product of the efforts of Mr. Edward Laverack and Mr. R. Purcell Llewellin, who both developed their own strains of this breed, with Mr. Llewellin basing his strain on that of Mr. Laverack. These dogs have even been called as Llewellin Setters.

These dogs do great in activities like hunting, retrieving, tracking, pointing, agility trials, and watchdogging. Nowadays, they also make good companion dogs since they are sweet and gentle.

Appearance These dogs are elegant, beautiful dogs with slim bodies. They have silky, flat, and slightly wavy coats which are beautifully speckled. Their heads are long. They have large, hazel-colored eyes that have sweet expressions. They have long pendant ears with velvety tips. Their noses are dark-colored, while their tails are straight, and their chests are deep. They also have fringes on their ears, tails, undersides, and legs.

Colours These dogs have coats that are white in color with speckles of lemon, blue, brown, or orange. There are some dogs, though, that are tri-color. These dogs have coats that are white, blue, and brown.

Temperament These dogs are calm, friendly, and gentle. They get along well with children, but they can be mischievous and strong-willed sometimes. When kept indoors, they can be inactive, but when they are outdoors, they are very lively and enthusiastic. Since these dogs are affectionate, they appreciate companionship and would bond well with their family members. They are people-oriented and they would love to be part of family activities. They also enjoy being allowed to play with other canines. There are two types of English Setters: the field dogs, and the show dogs. The field dogs are lighter, smaller, and more active than the show dogs. They also need more exercise.

Height and Weight 61 - 69 cm in height and 25 -30Kg in weight. Males are larger than females and at the top end of the size ranges.

Common Health Problems Owners must make certain that they do not overfeed their dogs, for these dogs are prone to becoming overweight. These dogs can also get afflicted with hypothyroidism and canine deafness. They are also susceptible to being afflicted with hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. Female English Setters are also prone to having false pregnancies.

Living Conditions Dogs of this breed should not be kept inside apartments. They should be provided with at least an average-sized yard where they can get their much-needed exercise.

Exercise Requirements These dogs will get restless and may develop behavioral problems if they do not get enough exercise. Thus, owners must make sure that they take their dogs out for long walks daily. These dogs will also enjoy playing around and being given the chance to run freely in secure areas.

Training Requirements Dogs of this breed can be somewhat difficult to housebreak since they can be quite willful. Training these dogs must start early on so that they would be discouraged from developing bad habits. They should never be treated harshly and using positive reinforcement methods will be best. These dogs are very sensitive to criticism and their owner must make allowances for the fact that they can be distracted while outdoors because of their bird instincts.

Life Expectancy These dogs can live for as long as 10 to 12 years.

Grooming The coats of these dogs must be combed and brushed on a regular basis. They must be checked for tangles, and more care must be given when the dogs are shedding. The hairs on the pads of their feet must be trimmed, and it's important that their nails are clipped. Bathing or treating with dry shampoo must be done only when necessity calls for such procedures.

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English Setter Pictures
English setter Christi
English setter Sophe

Photo with thanks to Sheila Muckle,




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