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Coton De Tulear

Coton De Tulear
Photo with thanks to Cindy Jensen

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Group Toy Dogs (KC)

Origin / History Madagascar's official dog breed, Coton de Tulear, got its name from its coat's cotton-like texture and from Tulear's Malagasy port. These dogs are part of the Bichon family. Since there are no reliable documentations of the breed's origins, the reason for its prevalence in Madagascar still remains uncertain. However, there are speculations that these dogs were brought to Madagascar by sailors coming from Portugal and Spain during the 16th century.

The Coton de Tulear is a product of cross-breeding French Bichon type dogs with some native dogs of Madagascar. During the 17th century, breeding and ownership of these dogs were restricted to the Malagasy nobility. It was only in the late 1970s that these dogs were imported to Europe and the United States. These dogs are now popular in America, but are still considered as a rare dog breed.

Appearance These dogs sport fluffy and cottony coats, which are composed of hair rather than fur. Their forelegs are lightly-muscled, thin, and covered with hair.

Colours Dogs of this breed have coats that are pure white, or white with markings of black, gray, lemon, or brown. There are some standards allowing white and black, or even cream and white along with markings of black on the dog's head. There are also some of these dogs that are all black, or dark brown with black.

Temperament Affectionate, loyal, gentle, and friendly, the Coton de Tulear bonds strongly with its family members. In fact, it can become attached to its family members enough to develop separation anxiety. These dogs are also playful, enthusiastic, and lively. They get along well with children, and even with other household pets. They can be affectionate even towards strangers, although there are some that show shyness when faced with unfamiliar characters. They can also be good watchdogs.

Height and Weight They are 30 - 33 cm in height and weigh between 5 - 7 Kg.

Common Health Problems These dogs carry no major hereditary diseases. Since these dogs have not been bred in puppy mills, they are generally very healthy. These are some dogs, though, that have experienced some issues regarding their stomach and appetite.

Living Conditions Since these dogs can be active even when kept indoors, they can live well inside apartments. They can even do well without a yard.

Exercise Requirements Dogs of this breed like playing and swimming. They enjoy running around on open spaces and can do well in various dog sports such as catch and agility trials. If they cannot do these things, though, owners must make sure that they take their dogs out for long walks on a daily basis.

Training Requirements Owners of these dogs should make certain that their dogs get basic obedience training while they are still young. Since these dogs are eager to please, they won't be difficult to train. It is important to use positive reinforcement and awards-based methods for training these dogs since they would not respond well to harsh training methods. Proper socialization as early as possible is also essential for the dog's well-being.

Life Expectancy These dogs can lead lives that are as long as 14 to 16 years.

Grooming Owners must take the time to groom their dogs daily. Their dogs' hair must be combed and brushed to rid their coats of dead hairs. Excess hair found in the dogs' inner ears and between the pads of their feet must also be removed. Since these dogs are very clean, they only need to be bathed for once or twice in a year. These dogs are good for those who have allergies since their coats tend to be hypoallergenic.

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Coton De Tulear Pics
Coton De Tulear Puppy
Georgia, 1 year old Coton female.
Coton De Tulear Puppy
A black/white puppies from Annie and Max
Photo with thanks to Cindy Jensen



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