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Borzoi Dog
Photo with thanks to SKYRA WOLFHOUNDS and the website address which is

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Group Hounds (KC)

Origin / History The Borzoi's origins can be traced back to Russia, which is why it is still known to some as the Russian Wolfhound. There are theories suggesting that this breed may be a descendant of crosses of the Sloughi, Saluki, a long-haired Russian sheepdog, and ancient Egypt Greyhounds. Borzois were used in hunting by Russian aristocrats. Dogs of this breed made their first appearance outside of Russia during the late 19th century when they were given as gifts to Britain's nobility. These dogs are used for sighting, lure coursing, and hunting. It can also be a companion dog.

Appearance These dogs are tall and aristocratic-looking. They have thin, narrow, and long heads with muzzles that are slightly arched. They have oblong-shaped dark eyes and black noses. They have narrow but deep chests, and they sport long, curved tails that hang low. Their coats are silky and can be wavy or have large curls. They also have heavy manes at their necks.

Colours Acceptable colors for Borzois are golden, white, tan, or gray, and they can also have markings of black. They can come in solid colors, or have coats that sport combinations of the aforementioned colors.

Temperament These dogs are intelligent, sweet, and loyal to their family. They are affectionate with those that they know well, although they aren't as eager to please their owners as other dogs are. These dogs like keeping themselves clean and they are also quiet since they rarely bark. Since they are sighthounds, they shouldn't be left off a leash in wide open spaces since they might suddenly smell something interesting, follow it, and get themselves lost. These dogs can get along well with children, just as long as the children do not roughhouse with the dog.

Height and Weight 68 - 74 + cm in height and 34 - 48 Kg in weight. Males are larger than females and at the top end of the size ranges.

Common Health Problems Dogs of this breed may be sensitive to medication. They can be picky when it comes to food and it is best to feed them two or three small meals instead of one large meal in a day. Exercise should be avoided if the dog has just eaten. They are also susceptible to bloating.

Living Conditions These dogs will do well in an apartment just as long as they are given enough exercise. Since they can be inactive when indoors, having an average-sized yard wherein these dogs can walk and run will be best.

Exercise Requirements Adult Borzois need much exercise for them to become physically and mentally fit. They must be taken on long walks everyday and they should be given the chance to run around freely at least once a week. If these dogs are not given the chance to run around, they might develop behavioral problems. Owners should make sure, though, that they do not overexert their puppies so as not to damage their joints and bones.

Training Requirements Since these dogs have minds of their own, basic obedience training should be done at a very early age so that the dogs will respond easily to commands. They are very trainable and intelligent, although owners should make sure that they make the dog feel that the training is a teamwork that is based upon mutual respect. Harsh training methods won't work, and owners will achieve better results if they use positive reinforcement methods. Training these dogs require patience, sensitivity, and consistency. Owners must also make sure that socialization begins while the dog is still young.

Life Expectancy These dogs have life spans that range from around 10 to 12 years.

Grooming Grooming these dogs is easy, owners just have to brush their dog's coat with a firm bristle brush on a regular basis. The hair in between the toes should be clipped. Bathing can be done occasionally and using dry shampoo may be done when necessary.

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Borzoi 2 Borzoi
Borzoi Dog
Head shot of 2 Borzoi's
Photos with thanks to SKYRA WOLFHOUNDS and the website address which is



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