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Australian Kelpie

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Australian Kelpie Rescue Center Visit the Australian Kelpie rescue centers if your looking to rescue a Australian Kelpie , as well as learn more about the breed or just support the rescue centers for there hard work.

Group Herding Dogs (UKC)

Origin / History Australian Kelpies are descendants of Collies. A number of these Collies were brought to Australia during the early 1800s. These Collies were bred to other dog types but today's Collie breeds weren't developed until around 10 or 15 years after Kelpies were recognized as a breed. Kelpies are also suspected as having Dingo blood. Even though Kelpies are relatively small, they are capable of working with goats, cattle, reindeer, and poultry.

There are two categories of Kelpies: the Working Kelpie and the Show Kelpie. Working Kelpies have great herding instincts and are bred because of that and not because of their appearance. Show Kelpies, on the other hand, are those being entered in dog shows. Show Kelpies are also not as good as Working Kelpies when it comes to herding or being sportsdogs. This breed has been recognized since 1870.

Appearance Australian Kelpies have compact bodies and limbs that are well-developed. They have broad chests and firm hind quarters that give them their energized and flexible appearance. They have long and narrow heads. They sport double coats, with their undercoat being dense and short, and their outer coat being straight, hard, and weather-repellent. There are Kelpies, though, for which this double coat has disappeared and just became a single coat, probably due to various environmental factors.

Colours Show Kelpies are only allowed to sport solid colors. The acceptable colors are chocolate, smokey blue, black, red, and fawn. Combinations that are acceptable are red and tan, and black and tan.

Working Kelpies, however, come in many colors such as black, cream, or light tan. They can have white blazes on their chests, and there are some that sport white points.

Temperament Australian Kelpies are good with children, especially if they've been with them since the time when they are just puppies. Kelpies are not aggressive dogs, but they can be protective when it's necessary and they have a tendency to guard their family and their family's belongings when needed even if this means that they will be putting themselves at risk. Australian Kelpies are working dogs that are very energetic and independent. They are loyal, intelligent, and friendly dogs that must always be occupied with something to do since they are natural workaholics.

Height and Weight They are 40 - 61 in height and generally shoudl weigh between 11 - 30 Kg.

Common Health Problems Kelpies can be afflicted with Progressive Retinal Atrophy, which can have them being partially or completely blind. Aside from that, they can also contract health problems such as hip dysplasia, luxating patella, cryptorchidism, and cerebellar abiotrophy.

Living Conditions Australian Kelpies should not be kept inside apartments. They need a lot of open space wherein they can run around and get their much-needed exercise. Owners must make certain that they give their Australian Kelpies much work to do. These dogs will be happy living outdoors just as long as they are provided with enough shelter. They can live in places with hot or cold climates since their coat can keep them protected.

Exercise Requirements These dogs should be kept in an open area when they can run around. Since Australian Kelpies are dogs with high energy levels, they must be taken on long walks daily. They must also be given some work to do.

Training Requirements Australian Kelpies are easy to train and they readily respond to signals given by their master. They can also be trained to become seeing-eye dogs.

Life Expectancy They can be expected to live for as long as 10 to 14 years.

Grooming Australian Kelpies are average shedders and they are easy to groom. Owners of Australian Kelpies just need to brush or comb the coats of their dogs occasionally. Bathing must be done only when necessary as doing so frequently will strip the coats of their natural oils.

Famous Examples

CompleteDogsGuide Comment An active bred ideally suited to owners who will use it as a working dog or show dog.

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More Australian Kelpie Information: Check out our Australian Kelpie Clubs and links to more informative websites dedicated to the breed.

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