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Argentine Dogo

Argentine Dogo
Photo with thanks to Tradicion Argentina Dogos

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Argentine Dogo Rescue Center Visit the Argentine Dogo rescue centers if your looking to rescue a Argentine Dogo, as well as learn more about the breed or just support the rescue centers for there hard work.

Group Guardian Dogs (UKC)

Origin / History It was Antonio Nores Martinez who started to develop a dog breed that will be a good family companion, but will also be a suitable hunting dog that can take on cougars and wild boars. During the 1920s, Martinez started by choosing the Cordoba Fighting Dog as the base for the breed he was trying to develop. The Cordoba Fighting Dog is already extinct but it was once a ferocious dog that was great for fighting and hunting.

What Martinez did was that he crossed the Cordoba Fighting Dog with Boxer, Spanish Mastiff, Great Dane, Bull Terrier, Pointer, Old English Bulldog, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Dogue de Bordeaux, and Irish Wolfhound. By doing selective breeding, the desired traits was achieved and the Argentine Dogo came into existence. Each dog is an individual, though, which is why breeders must take care to match the dog to the right family.

Also known as Dogo Argentino or Argentinian Mastiff, the Argentine Dogo was recognized as a breed in 1928.

Appearance The Argentine Dogo is a graceful but muscular dog with the stock of that of a mastiff. It is covered with a sleek, short, glossy, thich coat. Dogs of this breed have large heads and their ears are docked. They have black noses and their eyes are dark hazel or dark brown. They do not sport undercoats.

Colours The Argentine Dogo is a dog that sports a thick, white coat.

Temperament Argentine Dogos are very affectionate and loyal to their families. They are playful and would kiss their family members openly and cuddle with people that their family accepts. They like it when they are being given much attention by their owners. Since they have a high tolerance level for pain, they are also very tolerant of children. They get along well with other dogs but they need to be properly socialized in order for that to happen. They also get along with other animals that they are raised with. They do well when it comes to guarding their territory against intruders.

Note this breed is banned in the UK under the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act.

Height and Weight They are 61 - 69cm in height and weigh between 36-45kg.

Common Health Problems Although there are some breeders who claim that the Argentine Dogo is excempt from health problems, it is not. Argentine Dogos can be afflicted with deafness, tumors, cancer, hip dysplasia, cleft palates, kidney failure, and thyroid disorders, among others.

Living Conditions The Argentine Dogo can be kept inside an apartment but only if it gets an adequate amount of exercise. It will do well in an average-sized yard. When the temperature drops below freezing, though, the owner has to make sure that he brings the Argentine Dogo inside as this dog doesn't do well in too cold weather.

Exercise Requirements The Argentine Dogo needs a lot of exercise. Owners of this breed of dog must take their dogs out for long walks or jogs daily.

Training Requirements Breeders should communicate well with those who want to own an Argentine Dogo so that the breeder could match the dog well with the owner's needs. An Argentine Dogo should be trained for obedience at an early age. It is a powerful, intelligent dog that needs to be trained with consistend and firm methods. Training an Argentine Dogo is not difficult and the training should be done lovingly.

Life Expectancy The Argentine Dogo is expected to live for as long as 10 to 12 years.

Grooming The Argentine Dogo is an average shedder and its coat does not emit unpleasant odors, thus making it easy to manage. The owners of this breed of dog should make certain, though, that they clip the nails of their Argentine Dogo frequently as their nails have a tendency to grow fast.

Famous Examples

CompleteDogsGuide Comment This breed needs good strong firm and experience handling combined with plenty of daily exercise. Matched with the wrong type of owner this breed has the potential to be dangerous.

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Owners Comments: Send us any of your comments. Thanks in advance.

More Argentine Dogo Information: Check out our Argentine Dogo Clubs and links to more informative websites dedicated to the breed.

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Argentino Dogo Puppy Adult Argentino Dogo
Argentino Dogo Puppy
Argentino Dogo
The above photos of puppy to adult Argentini Dogo are are of Don Torguato Blansky Les (Espina di Casa Nardini x Audacity Rock). Photos with thanks toInna Ignatova



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