Monday, 2 March 2009

More dog Walking

Did some more dog walking today. A lovely sunny day here in England. Today I walked Ben, a Black Labrador, the very one I had seen on my previous walk that pulled his poor walker flat to the ground!!!

I took him for a good long walk, over an hour. He was well behaved although if given the chance would pull on the lead. Near the end of the walk we stopped near a stream, and in the stream near a pipe which was exiting from the bank I saw a small skull. I took a couple of pictures on my phone and when home searched "British mammal skulls" and from there worked out it could have been the skull of a fox.

After walking Ben, I took again offered to take another dog, and was given Amber, who again walked as good as gold.

In total I walked for near on 2 hours, and I can certainly feel it.

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Sunday, 23 December 2007

Lost Dog Case on Sky News

Pressing the red button on Sky news I discovered a whole screen of news dedicated to a strange lost dog case which was deemed true by the police but on first appearance seemed a possible hoax.

An elderly owner in Kings Lynn, (England) had fallen ill while doing Christmas shopping. The person suffered some memory loss but has since rembered they left there Black Labrador in the car, a Citroen Zara Picasso, the dogs name is Cracker.

The registration number of the car is K900 0AP

I'll state the obvious, unusual dog name Cracker, like Christmas Cracker, ideal for this time of year.

K9, as in canine for dog in the number plate.

I don't know if the owner was over retirement age but may well have been with 0AP in the registration number which stands for "Old Age Pensioner".

Despite all the festive coincidences the police verified this as a true story and urged people to keep an eye out for the lost dog.

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