Sunday, 9 December 2007

Dog Whisperer and Hungairan Vizsla

Just watched an episode of the Dog Whisper with a Hungarian Vizsla which since moving to the city has become scared of literally everything , even noises in his own apartment and at times his owner. The dog was really quite thin from all the nervous tension it was experiencing literally every hour of its waking life.

Well of course Cesar had the dog rolling blading through the city within a very short time. Although on a normal walk the dog, even though much improved, was very wary of everything surrounding him. Well Cesar came up with a leash that went around the dogs neck, but was also attached to the dogs tail and lifted it upright, to improve the dogs well being and confidence. What a great idea.

The owner was defeated before Cesar arrived and was saying how he thought even Cesar might not be able to fix this case. However, Cesar is a great example of big thinking. Presented with any problem he will come up with an idea to cure it and many times it seems to work.

The dog itself was much improved and of course would need plenty of time to fully get over his nervous disposition.

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Friday, 7 December 2007

Its Me or The Dog

Just caught an episode of Its Me or the Dog, with Victoria Stilwell. Its a 30 minute programme filmed in the UK where she spends a day or 2 with dogs and there owners fixing any behavioural problems the dog may have.

I believe it ran for 3 series and that they don't produce the show anymore. I remember previously catching a couple of episodes and thinking it was pretty good.
She presents the show dressed in very dominate all in black look, long dark hair, black boots etc. Shes uses different techniques to the Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan, so I find it quite interesting.

One thing I didn't like about the programme was the way its filmed and narrated. I think that's where some UK programmes go wrong. I wont go into details, but I just think if this programme was filmed in the U.S, with a great dog training character like Victoria Stilwell it would be much more entertaining and informative and an alround better TV programme to watch.

Anyway, typical, just checked and its not on next week, so I must have been missing the whole series. Not surprising really as its not a time of day I usually check the TV. I'll just have to keep a watch out for it in the future.

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Friday, 2 November 2007

Fireworks and Dogs

We went to a fireworks display tonight at the local Rugby ground. It was a great evening. There was also a number of fireworks going off as we were coming home. I was glad to be coming home to Sky with no worries, as she is perfectly fine with fireworks and they don't bother her in the slightest.

She was born in the November, and I think we got her in the February, so I can't remember for what occasion fireworks were going off, but whenever it was, it was while she was a puppy. Anyway, the fireworks started around our house, so I immediately got up, and took her outside for a game with a ball and squeaky toy. She hasn't been bothered by fireworks since. Luckily I had been informed orread to do this, and it worked a treat.

Its a stark comparison to my previous Airedale Terrier, Storm, who was terrified of them and would run upstairs and hide. If I was there I, or members of my family, we would comfort her, its not nice to see your dog, genuinely scared. It also not nice when your out and you know fireworks might be going off and your dogs terrified. Plus another time is when your walking your dog and a firework goes off and you get pulled home, or worse your dog bolts without you.

Well, let me highlight, its a mistake to comfort and give sympathy to your dog when its scared. you are rewarding that state of mind and confirming to them the sound of fireworks is something to be scared of.

Curing the problem is more difficult, but if you have a young puppy, make the sound of fireworks a fun time, with games and maybe treats if they are totally uneffected by the sound. It can make a whole lot of difference. Fireworks seem to be used on a whole lot more occassions these days.

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