Saturday, 5 April 2008

Forum, pictures and videos

Found a web site on the net today that offered a number of services by way of hiring out webmasters.

I thought Id try them out and see if they could help me out on any or all of a number of requests to improve the web site.

Firstly I want a dog photos section, separate from my current dog pictures section.
A way for site visitors to easily upload pics of there dogs with a little info to share with everyone.

Then I wanted a new videos section which would incorporate dog videos, and people could embed there favourite youtube and other video sites videos within my site.

Thirdly, Id thought Id see if it all could be combined with some kind of membership to a site forum.

My goal is to eventually make the site a community for dog lovers. Although it is still relatively early days and I'm not to worried about introducing it all too soon. Although it would be nice to have it all in place for when the site starts getting alot more traffic.


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