Sunday, 9 December 2007

Dog Whisperer and Hungairan Vizsla

Just watched an episode of the Dog Whisper with a Hungarian Vizsla which since moving to the city has become scared of literally everything , even noises in his own apartment and at times his owner. The dog was really quite thin from all the nervous tension it was experiencing literally every hour of its waking life.

Well of course Cesar had the dog rolling blading through the city within a very short time. Although on a normal walk the dog, even though much improved, was very wary of everything surrounding him. Well Cesar came up with a leash that went around the dogs neck, but was also attached to the dogs tail and lifted it upright, to improve the dogs well being and confidence. What a great idea.

The owner was defeated before Cesar arrived and was saying how he thought even Cesar might not be able to fix this case. However, Cesar is a great example of big thinking. Presented with any problem he will come up with an idea to cure it and many times it seems to work.

The dog itself was much improved and of course would need plenty of time to fully get over his nervous disposition.

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